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This page will be dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest news and information
concerning our upcoming building program!

Check back often as we begin to proceed for pictures and comments and answers to your questions.

12/17/14 FINISH WORK

We are on track to be completed by the end of January.  The drywall is almost completely up and the finishers will have the narthex and the classrooms ready for paint by the end of the week!  (pictures to come soon!)


10/14/14 DRYWALL

Today they started hanging drywall!  Things are moving along smoothly now.  You can really start to see some progress.  This has been a LONG time coming, but it’s really starting to take shape and look like a building now.  Keep in prayer all of the workers as they continue to work hard building something bigger than they could ever imagine!

North Classrooms 10/14/14Sanctuary 10/07/14North Classrooms 10/07/14


I apologize to those of you following our building program online… I updated this page last week and just found out that it didn’t actually upload!  So let me try this again.  The roof is complete and the siding is done except for around the windows and the entry doors.  The heating and air conditioning contractor as well as the electrical contractor are well underway and it looks like we may actually be seeing some dry wall go up this week.  I should be able to give weekly updates now as there is plenty of action going on!  Keep your prayers coming as we head into the final stages of this project.

2014-10-01 13.09.47 2014-09-23 09.00.02 South View of Sanctuary



For those of you keeping track of our building project online; I apologize for not updating it sooner.  It has been a busy month, but not a lot has been going on.  We have most of the siding up and the have just begun the roof.  The carpenters have started today and have begun to frame up the window openings and will start the interior walls soon.  Once things are closed up and protected from the weather I should be able to do weekly updates to show you the progress.  Things will start to move quickly then.  Keep praying for God’s hand to be moving over this property.

roof install

08/08/14   BIG STEEL IS UP!!

Now it’s starting to look like a building!  The main frame of the steel building is up and the detail work has begun.  There are still a few weeks left before the outside of the building will be completely done.  The siding should begin early next week, followed by the roof.  It won’t be long now before the work on the inside can begin.  God is still doing great things and it is a joy to watch this vision of 12 years begin to take shape!

Big Steel Up



There has been quite a bit of activity the last month!  The rough in electrical work is almost complete; the rough in plumbing is complete, and both firewalls are standing tall!  Next week is scheduled for the “Big Pour”!  The entire floor will be poured, almost 20,000 square feet of concrete!  It will be an exciting two days!  Please be praying for good, DRY weather next week.

click here for pictures



Things are starting to shape up around here!  The first firewall has been completed and the second one is under way.  The rough in electrical and plumbing has started and we are getting things ready to pour the floor in the next couple of weeks.  Make sure you stop out and look around!  The parking has been completed for now.  Once the building is up the last portion of the parking lot will be finished; but right now we have more parking than we have ever had!  Keep praying for good weather as the men are working as fast as they can to get the outside up so the work can begin on the inside!

2014-06-04 07.41.00


The contractors have arrived and the foundations are being poured and there is no turning back now!!  God has given us a GREAT week finally and work is getting done at an incredible pace.  The parking lots continue to grow as the west section should be complete by the end of the week and the north section will begin to be cut down.  The footer/foundation work is well underway and should be completed by the first part of next week.  The steel for the building will arrive tomorrow… six truckloads worth!  Keep praying for safety of the men working and for continued good weather!

2014-05-05 17.01.47

04/17/14  WE HAVE WATER!

We have successfully drilled a well and we are ‘well’ on our way to having our own water system!  And to top it all off… the water is actually pretty good!  The hand of God is truly showing itself around this place!  Keep praying as we begin to get deeper and deeper into the construction process.  Without God in the lead, we have no direction!

2014-04-16 10.24.57


It has been a struggle, but we have FINALLY received the building permit to begin the construction on the building.  The site work is in full progress as they continue to finish up the parking lot and installing the storm water drainage.  The canopy/car port has been removed and the surveyor were here yesterday laying out the location of the new building.  It won’t be long before they begin to put in the footers and foundation.  The Vision that God has given us over 10 years ago is becoming a reality!  Check back often for updates!



Words can’t express how long and cold and snowy this winter has been, and it has managed to slow down progress on the new building to a stand still.  But today, FINALLY, there has been a glimmer of light shinning on our arctic wasteland of a construction sight.  The contractors have fired up their equipment and they have begun to cut in the new parking lot west of the building.  If the warming trend continues and they are able to keep working, it won’t be long before we have at least part of the parking lot available for use!  This allows the concrete contractors to begin the footers and foundations as soon as possible.  It is going to be a FUN summer!



What a challenge we have had the past couple of weeks!  Record cold and blowing snow has slowed progress down just a bit.  The men are hard at work now that the cold has broken a little bit and are in the process of ‘winterizing’ the pad to allow them to begin work in mid-February digging in the footers.  Even with the delays we are still on schedule to begin erecting the steel frame in April!  We ask for your continued patience as we deal with the shortage of parking and all of the mud!  This too shall pass!!




The weather broke for a few days, just long enough for them to dig through the frozen stones and begin work on installing the pad for the new floor.  It was a rough start with the unusually cold December that we have had; but thanks to the prayers of the church, the installation of the pad is right on schedule.  Parking will be a challenge the next couple of weeks, but it won’t be long until the new parking areas are defined and some new stone is put down!  God is Good!

2013-12-23 pad install


12/05/13:  AND IT BEGINS!!

Today was an exciting day!  The trucks began to arrive and within an hour they had the EPA Silt Fence installed.  It won’t be long now before some major changes begin to take place.  Praise God that this project is finally becoming a reality!

2013-12-05 silt fence



God is truly amazing!  There isn’t enough room on this page to explain the path that God has sent us down in order to reach where we are today; but GOD has been in control.  We are finally beginning the next phase of Free Christian Church of God’s ministry to reach the lost in NW Ohio as we break ground for our new sanctuary on Sunday, November 17, 2013 at 10:30 am.  This new sanctuary and classroom addition will be used as a tool to train and equip this congregation to be able to build churches around the world every year when possible and to spread the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to everyone!

Join us on Sunday Nov. 17, 2013 to celebrate with us as we begin this journey!


Free Christian Church of God; God’s people…. doing God’s work!

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